Women Becomes Housewife

Female Employee resigns to become a housewife

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Reasons to Quit Your Dream Job and Become a Housewife I’ve done it. My mother did it. Your mom did it. Many of my friends did it, and I know many other women who did it.

Almost 40% Mothers with children under the age of 6 nobaseball jerseys custom cheap baseball jerseys wig store male sex toys best sex toys for couples custom jerseys nike air max sale nike air jordan 1 mid cheap jordan 4 nfl gear wig store nike air max 95 cheap nfl jersey custom football uniforms nfl shop coupon codew do so. Mom, think about staying at home.

A year ago, after giving birth to a baby, I faced the dilemma of what to do with my life. Like many future parents, I was at a crossroads and had to decide what role to play as the mother of my child. Will I be a mom who continues to work to support my family and advance my career, or will I be a full-time caregiver at home? I graduated with excellent grades. Am I really “throwing away” everything? Life is unpredictable, but when you become a parent you become less selfish. You can’t worry about the outcome of an important decision. Both methods were scary to me. In the end, I followed my heart and decided to stay home with my son. To make this difficult decision, I had to think long and seriously about the benefits and consequences of my decision. Considering some of these pros and cons and questions, you make your own choice. I wish I had all this information to help me make a decision so that I could listen to everyone and get all the advice available.

Benefits: Eight benefits of staying at home

 1. I no longer commute I live in the suburbs of Atlanta but have worked near the city boundaries. It was hard to commute, so I left home before the traffic jam and tried to get rid of the traffic jam and go home. This lengthened my work day and my commute still took at least 45 minutes one way. It was still an hour and a half unproductive time, as much as trying to maximize commuting time by talking on the phone or listening to a CD book. By staying at home, I came back for an hour and a half. This is a huge investment of time, especially for babies.

2. We spend less money I was surprised at how much money I spent just to do my day-to-day work. The standard outfits in my office were business-like, but they looked good and required professional outfits and makeup. There were gorgeous lunches and various parties seeking weddings and baby gifts. I spent time and money making regular dinners. On top of that, I put petrol in my car every week, despite efforts to reduce commuting costs. If I get back to work, I’ll have to hire someone to take care of my child, which is another significant expense. Instead, the only thing I spend more money as a housewife is the utility because I’m more indoors. One way I was able to mitigate this blow is to use different methods to make money on the side.

3. You can spend more time with people who are important to me I left home every day from about 6:30 am to about 6:30 pm. When I got home, I had to cook dinner and take care of the house. It really didn’t leave much time for myself, my friends and family. But since I’m at home, I have lunch with my husband several times a week. I’m busy all day, but my schedule allows me to spend more time with my friends and family. Even if you don’t go to work every day, if you work hard, you will have plenty of time to spend with adults.

4. My baby is a one-time baby When I quit my job, I was only six months away from fully contributing to the company’s pension system. I didn’t just want to work for it as much as I wanted to reach this goal. That means I miss the first few months of my child’s life and I’ll never get it back. Maybe someday I will be fully vested and will be able to retire if I decide to return to work. But even if it doesn’t, I don’t regret my decision.

5. Explore new career opportunities I worked really hard to get a B.S. in college. In industrial engineering. After graduating with honor, I was on my way to a great career. But after looking back on my time as a parent, I learned that I also have other interests. I enjoy being an engineer, but there are many other careers I would like to do. Advanced Tip: If you decide to go back to work no matter what you do, be prepared to start over at the feet of the totem pole. Be proactive in your business group so you don’t get too late. You can put something fresh on your resume and build and nurture professional connections.

6. No need to divide the time I enjoy not having to do everything. Many women feel that they need to be mothers and career women to be successful. This is certainly not true. I cherished this time of my life when I didn’t have to divide my time and everything I told me to be considered a successful woman in society.

7. I enjoy the joy of a modest lifestyle I made a lot of money as an engineer. My husband and I had a fair amount of discretionary income and could buy whatever we wanted. Now my income is halved and I had to make a lot of adjustments to my consumption habits. I was humbled that I couldn’t bring my big salary home and I couldn’t spend money because my household was tight. But humility is good for the soul and I really believe it makes me a better person. Every day I learn the differences between needs and wants and how to deal with income inequality in marriage. 8. Thank you for the unpredictable factors Living on schedule is great, but there’s something about not knowing what will happen on your day when you wake up. In fact, I’m looking forward to my life and I don’t know what will happen in the coming months or years. It’s scary, but it’s exciting. I’m away from the rat race, now known as the workforce, and it’s not monotonous.

Two important questions to ask yourself

 These benefits are the joy, benefits, and silver lining of being at home with new-borns and toddlers. Of course, there are some negatives to consider. If you are faced with serious financial and practical consequences, ask yourself these two common questions and consider the consequences.

1. Can you afford it? You might think it’s a simple and obvious question, but in reality, it’s a complex question loaded. Not only do you need to understand if you can afford it without your monthly income, but you also need to consider what it will ultimately cost you. Consider the rather vague financial loss of being a housewife. You are financially at risk. Two incomes provide a safety net in case you or your spouse lose your job. With just one income, you run the risk of financial disaster. This is why it is imperative that you have emergency funding. Your retirement savings will stop growing. If you are not employed, you will not pay the company’s pension system and nothing will be paid to social security or pension funds. Sure, your spouse can contribute to your plans, but even with your company’s matching program, you may not have enough savings to float when the time comes. Employability quotient goes down. Every day you don’t work outside your home, you lose your attraction to potential employers. Your work skills are outdated and in this rapidly changing world of technology you can be outdated. Even if you clean up your ass to feed your family at home, employers may not always find this type of work attractive.

 2. Are you ready if something unexpected happens? Most of us are hard to think of, and many of us don’t work on it. What you can’t think of is exactly that, and it’s unthinkable. But if: Your spouse will get sick, disabled, or die. No matter how much you want, life is not eternal and you are always vulnerable to the fragility of the human body. If any of these events occur, you will need to be financially prepared. Finances may not be the first thing in your mind when faced with a sudden illness or death in your family, but when you face a practical problem, it is a big financial problem. Your spouse is leaving you. I don’t think you should plan for a divorce, but if you think it’s possible you shouldn’t marry anyone, but unfortunately many marriages end with a divorce. If your partner is the only earner in your family, he or she can simply bring all the bread with them. If a divorce is imminent, you may not stick to anything unless it is resolved and nothing is left. Both male and female spouses always give up their spouse and child support. If you’re worried about this, make a financial plan in case something unexpected happens. You leave your spouse. You don’t have any income when you’re not working, but your living expenses and needs are immediate. It takes a second to get out of the door, but it can take months to find a job or establish a business. With all this in mind, remember that double-income family life puts extra pressure on you and spends less time as a family if you work outside the house instead of staying at home with your child. Please keep it. This only increases tension in a tense relationship, but staying at home helps relieve those tensions and prevent divorce.

Last words

 The “what if’s” of being a mom who is at home is difficult to take and just as difficult to speak. Leaving work to stay home is a big decision that shouldn’t be underestimated. Life is tough and unexpected, but as long as you take the time to consider your options and protect yourself and your loved ones, life can be wonderful. After all, it’s what you make from being a parent at home.

Even if you don’t get paid, can you even turn it into something useful with the idea of ​​a side business or work from home business or a joint business with spouse to share each and every responsibility together? I have it, but I never regret the wonderful decision I made.

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Women Becomes Housewife

Female Employee resigns to become a housewife

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