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Reading Time: 2 minutes believes in making kids to be part of Nature and make them decide like a free bird to choose their ambitions and be what they want to be.

Nowadays, kids spend a lot more time indoors, largely thanks to technology. Today an average child spends 10 to 30 minutes a day outside playing games and more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen. Being outdoors is not only fun, it is also necessary. Many researchers agree that children who play outdoors are happier, more careful, and less anxious than children who spend more time indoors. Spending time in nature can increase your confidence. There is a lot less structure than most types of indoor games and you can choose how to interact with the nature around you. This gives them the practice of managing their own actions and encourages creativity and imagination.

Being outside can also teach them responsibility. The way children play in nature is much less structured than most types of indoor games.

There are endless ways to interact with the outside environment, from the back yard to the park to the local hiking trail or lake.

• Encourages creativity and imagination. This unstructured style of play also enables the children to meaningfully interact with their environment. You can think more freely, design your own activities and approach the world in an inventive manner.

• Teaches responsibility. Living things die when they are mistreated or improperly cared for, and entrusting a child with the care of the living parts of their environment teaches them what happens when they forget to water a plant or pull a flower by the roots.

• Offers different stimulation.  The everyday phenomena in backyards and parks lead children to ask questions about the land and the life it supports.

 • Reduces stress and fatigue. According to the attention restoration theory, urban environments require something called directed attention, which forces us to ignore distractions and exhausts our brains.

In natural settings, we practice an effortless mode of attention known as gentle fascination, which creates feelings of joy rather than exhaustion. While Screen Time is the easiest and most popular option, it is important to make time for outdoor gaming. For fun and invigorating activities for you and your kids to enjoy outdoors, check out Ideas for Your Kids’ Outdoor Activities.

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