Stay away from office politics

Office Politics – Stay Away from Work place Drama

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To stay from work place drama does not mean silencing your opinion, but think about what you wish to accomplish with the discussion. When the goal is to change co-worker’s mind or thought process than it is important to learn first about their opinion and how they have formed it.  This will help in building trust.

Never become the source of Gossip. Gossips are tough to avoid as most of the people love getting the dirt.  Hence avoid circulating rumors if you want to build trust among co-workers.  When your hearing is not cent percent confirmed, do not spread it around.

Secondly, keep your work life and personal life separate.  Staff bonding or spending time with co-workers outside the workplace is healthy but there need to be a limit to how much you let co-workers enter into your personal matters. No one has the right to spread your personal business and keep that in mind.

Help your co-workers instead of competing with them. To avoid work place drama, avoid pointing out each other’s mistakes and try to help each other. Your seniors will notice your professionalism and co-workers will feel comfortable with you and this will open the doors for journey to the next level (promotion).

Never be quick in responding to the email that sounds like an attack on you or your team. Never fire back with aggressive passive remark on email or in open forums. Disputes and conflicts are to be dealt calmly and discreetly. Handle these issues in a civilized manner. In case, any co-worker try’s to push your button in meeting, don’t fire-back and handle it with your intelligence and patiently.