Some Common Reasons for Recruiter & Job Seeker Disconnect

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recruiter is always wanting to match the right candidate to right job position. Recruiter is having ability to connect with the job seeker about opportunity for career development.

There are multiple reasons for a recruiter-job seeker communication breakdown:

Company Values Must be communicated to the Candidates during Hiring, so that when the new job starts, these values will be already instilled in them.

Ineffective communication done by a recruiter can lead to poor employer brand experience. Recruiters using their personal email accounts to send mails to candidates with poor mail drafts can lead to poor ineffective communication & can develop a bad taste in the mouth of candidate about the company.

Sometimes due to lack of knowledge of recruiter there is lack of transparency with the candidate throughout the recruitment cycle.

Disconnect between recruiter and Job seeker can be due to unrealistic expectations of candidate about his own competencies.

Recruiters can help the candidates here. Recruiters can gently provide feedback to candidates if necessary and encourage the candidate to further educate themselves about particular employer brand. Managing expectations is key to success here. Recruiters must be able to answer in-depth questions about the organizations for which he or she is head-hunting.  Recruiter must have simple habit of putting himself in the job seekers shoes.

Recruiter must have answers to these questions:

  • If I were considering working with this company, what would I want to know?
  • How should I feel after conversation with a company representative?
  • This will lead to meaningful conversation between candidate and recruiter.

Job Seekers experience is good, not because the recruiter has a golden tongue. Rather the recruiter has shared deep information about the job opportunity and paved the way for a two-way dialogue (interview). Hence the recruiters who develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence have strength to put good people – The Employer & The Talent – Towards the best Possibilities. 

When any job seeker owns the unique offerings of recruiters, it leads to maintaining the right balance. Hence the communication can be more authentic & respectful. It will be full of really exciting potential.