Are you made for your family business

Should you join your family business

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Once you complete your education, a dilemma arises – whether to apply for a job or to simply join the hereditary family business and continue with the legacy. This is point of time when decision must be taken with utmost care.

The decision to go ahead with full-time job opportunity can be stressful, but with family business, the choices can be far more complicated and challenging. Joining the family venture is an emotional mix of expectations, obligations and uncertainty.

Its better to get a job in first place, earn a promotion and prove yourself before opting out for a family business.  In this way, you will be demonstrated to your family and most importantly you must be aware about your own caliber.

Give answer to yourself for these questions:

  • What your goals and aspirations?
  • Will your contribution add value and worth for your family business?
  • How are your relations with the family members in your family business?
  • Will there be any clash of opinion’s if you join your family venture?
  • What is motivating you to join?

Finally, you have to assess your inner call and analyse the relation equation with current leadership in the business.  Look into your career prospects.  You must know the structure of your family business, the rules and processes to follow, that will enable you to succeed in the family venture.

Don’t join your family business if you are not having interest in it.  Do it because you love it! Otherwise it’s not worth it.