Un employed job seeker seeking job

Unemployed Job Seekers Looking for Job – Interview Tips

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If you are unemployed and looking for Job, it is a very challenging and there is lot of nervousness in concern with the circumstances. In such case you have to be confident and energetic during the job interview.  Be ready to convey the reason calmly and confidently.

In case you are unemployed right now due to any such factor which is beyond your control like merger, amalgamation of your last company or any such reason, then take time to explain the reason and prove it with evidence of your achievements, reward and recognition’s achieved, promotions taken.  Leave no doubt in mind of your interview as far as your performance is concerned.

If there is big gap in employment and obviously you must not be sitting idle till that time, prove it with your part-time or freelance assignments undertaken in that time.

Focus on each experience which you listed on your resume. Prove it & Prove it right.  Share your accomplishments and give references of your old supervisors or Bosses to justify your words.

Being out of Job, is something that most of the employees experience at least once or more in their career. Reasons for being unemployed can be either personal or because of industry turmoil or due to professional or performance issues or can even be due to cost cutting by the company you worked with or that particular vertical or channel might have been closed.

You must be able to explain your next employer in clear, simple and truthful terms why you left your last job or are jobless from past few months.  Always remember Nobody wants to hire the person who badmouths the previous employer or say negative for the ex-employer or about ex-bosses.  So never play the Blame Game.  Cover it up with the positives listed in your CV.