What should the Recruitment Consultant tell candidate before a Job Interview?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When you get to the stage of aligning a candidate to go for an interview, you have already read their CV, liked their qualifications, experience and pre-screening on the phone is also done. You want them to get the job – but then few things go wrong in the interview.

Reason might be this is genuinely not the right person, but another reason might be we do not tell the candidate something before the interview which they really need to know.

Tell these things to the candidate to help them get the right end result:

  • Let them know that they themselves can only get them the job. Tell them to work for it, to show their best and impress.
  • Interviewer must be able to relate to them as a person as they are going to work with someone on a daily basis.  Tell them to make most of it, so that they can build connect with the interviewer.
  • Look does matter. Dress code is a real thing and people interpret from the body language and how they look too. For an instance, if one turns up to the interview and is not well groomed, it’s believed that they do not care about the job. Let them know to be well groomed. Make or brand of your suit or dress doesn’t matters, but the fact that it is well pressed, smart and fits you does matters.
  • Tell them that they should negotiate when it comes to pay.  Candidates often fear to negotiate for what they want, as they think it might seem to be demanding.

May be if job seekers knew these things before attending the interview, they would be more themselves and worry less about what interviewer or employer may ask.