Common Lies on Resume

11 Common things people lie about on their resume

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Your resume or CV is really important in the process of job search.  However, few candidates tend to lie or add false and misleading information in their resumes to leg up their career, but what they tend to forget is that even a small lie is enough to finish up yocheap lace front wigs team jersey nike air jordan 4 adidas yeezy foam runner onyx nike air jordan 4 black canvas cheap wig nike air jordan 4 oil green sex toys for men custom jerseys top sex toys best wigs best sex toys nike air max 97 womens cheap wig adidas outletur career. Back ground screenings and verifications can catch you and your entire career can come on stake. Nowadays social media platforms are a hotspot for recruiters and employers. many digital job portals are on the rise and the open nature of social media is making easier for people to fool around and showcase false and misleading information about their qualifications and experience.

A job seeker doesn’t have required education or skills, or an applicant with a criminal record, or an applicant looking to cover up an employment gap may be tempted to lie on their resume. Whatever is the reason for the lie, the consequences can much beyond simply being caught and very serious.

Mostly people do such acts to conceal this kind of issues:

  1. Changing the dates of employment.
  2. Inflate their past achievements and skills.
  3. Intensify titles and responsibilities.
  4. Overstate education and falsify degrees.
  5. Make up a fictional job to cover the employment gap.
  6. Expunge past employment.
  7. Lie about education.
  8. Fabricate reasons for leaving previous employment.
  9. Provide fraudulent professional references.
  10. Provide forged medical proofs to cover 3-6-month job gaps.
  11. Misinterpret their last take homes.

Once a lie is always a lie and you have to carry it with rest of your career. Never indulge into such things as Honesty is the Best Policy.

Finding a job is tough, but to adopt such measures and conceal facts and figures is worse than getting a job with using such acts and tactics. Consequences can be severe and even legal proceedings can be taken against you by the employer in such case.

Remember one thing, no employer expects a perfect candidate, you must be confident and genuine in all your records, references and past assignments. In case there is any unfortunate happening in past assignment you must share and acknowledge with facts and figures. Some of the errors may be innocent in the resume such as typo which can cause a mix up over employment date or any mis-remembered job title of the position held by you several years ago. Such errors can be ignored by the employer and can be justified up-to an extent but not the other ones.

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Common Lies on Resume

11 Common things people lie about on their resume.

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