Emailing Etiquette

Emailing Etiquette

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Formal Email should be just formal, no smiley faces – Keep your point concise, clean, short and focused in the message.  Avoid little abbreviations, breakup the message in easy to read paragraphs and take care of lower- and upper-case types.  Take care ogay sex toys best sex toy website nfl shop com Steelers Jerseys cheap jordan 1 glueless wigs adidas yeezy foam runner mens stores adidas yeezy shoes nike air max 270 womens sale nike air jordan 4 black customized baseball jerseys real hair wigs for women nike air jordan adidas store adidas outlet onlinef spelling errors and grammar problems as once the mail is sent, there’s no turning back.

Sending e-mail without rechecking or writing clearly can sabotage your reputation both personally and professionally.  Never assume that the person receiving your email knows who you are, hence briefly introduce yourself.

When leaving a voice mail, keep it nice and slow. Many company speaker systems aren’t exactly of the best quality. Keep your speech clear so the message gets across.

A BIG NO – “e-mail angry”. Expressing anger, emailing the bad news, saying something less than kind about your Boss can hinder your reputation.  Be very careful with confidential information such as tax information, employee data attachments, other confidential business reports.

Always refrain from sending one-liners like “thanks” “oh” “ok”. Avoid using “4u” instead of for you and “Gr8” for Great.

Be clear in Subject line so that you don’t get mistaken as Spam. So, it is crucial that your subject line gets to the point. Subject line should be reasonably simple and descriptive of what you have written about.

When you click Reply All, ask yourself if all the recipients need the information in your message. Hence send or copy others only on a need to know basis.  When you are sending email to a group of people, respect and maintain their privacy if sending to an outside group. Use Bcc.

Small things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short and get to the point and explain the purpose in first two sentences.
  • Always be sure about your target audience while sending emails.

Business owners must train their staff about email communications and etiquette. They must setup email standards which everyone in the organization must abide.

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