Hiring a Friend - Dont commit these mistake if hiring

Hiring a Friend. Don’t commit these mistakes while hiring

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While hiring doesn’t let your emotions take over your decision and keep the professional and personal life separate. Always hire the person who is the best for your company. There are plenty of things to keep in mind while hiring from your own circle or close network.

Only because someone is your friend, don’t hire. Assess their capabilities and talents and check if they are a fit for your company or for the role to be assigned.  Give them a fair chance but let them go through the same process for being recruited as others are. The decision to hire must be unbiased and the friend must undergo through the entire process of hiring as all job applicants undergo such as screening, interview, tests etc.

It is the duty of an entrepreneur to assess the candidate only on the basis of his qualifications and professional skills. “The screening, interview, examinations if any and the background checks should be conducted in the same manner considering all applicants equal to maintain the unbiased and genuine hiring process, regardless of the candidate recommended by family or friend or any close ones.

Its difficult to say “No” to a friend but you must be in these terms as far as capabilities are concerned.  Once hired, the friend must be treated equally as you treat your other employees. Any special treatment can deteriorate the progress of your goals and is also against the code of conduct of an employer.

Sometimes hiring a friend can become a lose-lose situation. When as an employer you have to be hard as friend turned employee don’t deliver up-to the expectation or in case you are forced to fire them, then the friend may be left with hard feelings and your personal relationship with him/her gets spoiled too.

Hence, it’s a wise decision to assess friend’s capability for the role being offered. Have a tough conversation with him/her. If he/she is not a fit than help with some good references and be direct and clear in saying “No”. In case they are best fit or simply a fit for the role, then clearly let them know their role, status and limits on their decision-making authority in the organization.

In case of “No” give them a reason why you can’t hire as of now.  Its better to be in discomfort zone in short term than creating long-term pain for you and your friend.

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Hiring a Friend - Dont commit these mistake if hiring

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